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Pavement Information

"My road is in bad shape! When are you going to fix it? When did you last work on it?"

VTrans is responsible for maintaining over 3,200 miles of pavement across the state. With these tools you can see how the system is performing overall or zoom in to any road segment and see the condition, how it’s performed over time, and when the last time was that we worked on it. This is also a good way to plot the smoothest ride for your next trip.

Other Information

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Bridge Information

"Are you closing a bridge on my commute?"

There are nearly 4,000 bridges in Vermont and people depend on them to get from A to B, but sometimes the safest, fastest and smartest way to repair or replace a bridge is to close it. With these tools you can get detailed information on detours, timing and learn more about how we plan to do the work on each project.

Other Information

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Project Information

"What are you going to do to this road?"

VTrans has hundreds of projects in development at any given time and it can take years with design, permitting and other factors before the first shovel goes in the ground. The ones that tend to get the most attention are the ones that are happening now and with this set of tools you can learn when and where we plan to be working in the near future so you can plan accordingly.

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Maintenance Information

"What are VTrans crews working on?"

VTrans district maintenance crews are out there most days of the year. When they’re not plowing snow, they’re cleaning culverts, fixing guardrail, filling potholes, clearing brush and a whole host of other activities. The map will give you a snapshot of what they’ve been up to lately.